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My pastime is writing, web design and photography. I find a certain fulfillment in writing crime novels, short stories and poetry during my retirement years. I also like designing photobooks of the Niagara Region. I've done the occasional wedding in my past life, with some nice results, but nothing beats the satisfaction of scenery pictures in Nagara.

I invite you now to take a tour through my eyes, of the lovely scenery available within the Niagara Region.



*Music Titles: Sunshine A; Last Kiss Goodnight; Disco Lounge
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Acknowledgement: Kevin MacLeod



Niagara Scenery Photo Books

By the way, if you get the crazy idea of ordering one of my photo books, they are not cheap. They come from the United States, therefore, customs and shipping charges apply. Maybe that's why I don't get any orders. But who cares? I've enjoyed designing these books as a personal retirement activity.



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