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My pastime is being a Canadian author, niagara web designer and niagara scenery photographer. At one time, I did a few weddings with some nice results, but a shoulder injury has sidelined that activity. Now in my retirement, I find myself writing crime novels, short stories and poetry. I still have the photo-bug, so I've downsized to a small digitial pocket camers for my spring and autumn photos every year. I've designed photo books of my lovely scenery pictures of the Niagara Region. They are available on this site for sale, as are some of the stock of pretty pictures I've taken of our lovely Niagara scenery.

Since my retirement, I've also delved more into web design, and enjoy the challenges of computer technology. I've thought recently about offering my know-how, as a senior to other seniors, for picture taking and creating websites. I'd love to go on photo jaunts with other seniors in the spring or autumn. Meantime, my Niagara scenery pictures and my various websites are available on the internet to share.

I invite you now to take a tour through my eyes, of my photography by surfing through my Niagara scenery website..



*Music Titles: Sunshine A; Last Kiss Goodnight; Disco Lounge
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