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"I enjoy weddings!
Maybe it's the celebration and the happiness in people at weddings.
Maybe it's the food!
What shines through in people's eyes on their wedding day,
shines through in their photographs!"

Niagara Region Wedding Photographer

- John Hartig -

Weddings are a delight for me. I love taking wedding pictures because of the joy, the smiles and the challenge of capturing those special moments. Since my retirement, I've polished my skills in this passionate hobby of mine. With weddings, I've practised two styles of photography: Photojournal, which involves candids and spontaneity, and also portrait, which is the formal and posed style. I place no limit on my imagination nor the variety of photos I present to my couples in the Niagara Region. I hope you take a tour of my photos.

My Wedding Galleries

Niagara Region Wedding Photographer
Niagara Region Wedding Photographer

Digital Effects are always a pleasing bonus to get in a wedding package. I include FX at no extra charge. Check the links below.

Niagara Region Wedding Photographer
Niagara Wedding Photographer


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